University of Toronto OISE Application




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Answer the following questions:
1.Why have you chosen to apply to the Master of Education program?
2.Describe significant teaching and/or teaching-related experiences (up to a maximum of three experiences) you have had with one or more learners. With reference to these experiences, please identify insights gained about teaching and learning and explain how these insights might contribute to the education of students in today’s schools.
3.Describe a challenging situation you had with a learner or group of learners during one of the experiences mentioned in question 2. What did you learn about teaching and learning from this specific interaction? What specific action(s) will you take to apply this learning to the education of students in today’s schools?
4. It’s helpful to begin with a list of about five key words or phrases that relate to your proposed study. You may also wish to identify OISE faculty with whom you’re interested in working.


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