Vulnerable population



There are a wide range of vulnerable populations, what are some of the similarities that you have observed among groups (that are considered vulnerable vets, children, see, etc). How would you address these factors in order to possibly lessen the vulnerability?

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the following are the vulnerable populations, no need to cite any reading. (no other directions included)

Mothers, Children, and Abused Individuals as Vulnerable Populations
Older Adults as a Vulnerable Population and Health Disparities for Incarcerated Individuals
Individuals with Chronic Illness, Disabilities, HIV/AIDS, Mental Health Conditions, and LGBTIQ as vulnerable populationsYou need to have covered, and have an understanding of, all of the course materials in modules 1-4 in order to be successful on your midterm
Individuals that are Suicide and Homicide liable, Individuals that Experience Alcohol/Substance Abuse, Indigent and Homeless individuals, and Individuals that are Immigrants or Refugees; all as Vulnerable Populations

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