What creates insecurity in international relations?Explain


What creates insecurity in international relations?

Your essay must begin with a clear account of how you have interpreted and narrowed down the question posed. This should take up around 20–25 per cent of total word limit. You must draw on more than one approach to security in your essay.

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Word limit: 2200 words

Learning outcomes

This TMA allows you to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of:
patterns of conflict and cooperation, order and disorder in the international system and contending ideas about the potential for and sources of those,

including questions relating to political change, economic development, inequality, international cooperation and governance, and security

key theories and approaches within international relations and contending ideas about the character of, and continuities and change within, the international system.

The TMA also allows you to demonstrate your ability to:

define and use key concepts, abstract models and theories from international relations, as well as politics and economics, to study the international system and the processes within it

analyse complex issues in international relations and critically evaluate different kinds of evidence from a variety of sources to develop detailed, reasoned arguments

carry out a piece of independent research using concepts, models, theories and evidence to address a question or problem related to continuity and change in the international system,

including definition of the scope of the question to be addressed and choice of appropriate empirical cases

critically compare and evaluate competing ideas, arguments and theories and approaches used in international studies.

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