What policies would you suggest to reduce the reoccurrence of domestic violence?

Please answer any two of the following questions:
1. Do you think there is a relationship between youth victimization and mental health problems and delinquent behavior. Explain.
2. What are the best programs to help victims of crime?
3. If crime is “seductive,” how can the fear of punishment control criminal tendencies? Are people thinking rationally when they commit crimes?
4. Does capital punishment deter crimes?
5. What policies would you suggest to reduce the reoccurrence of domestic violence?


Week 7 Assignment – Development Project (EDU-561 Finance and Funding)

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For this assignment, you will analyze one of the following case studies concerning development and fundraising in K-12 or higher education.


Case Studies

For this assignment, you will read the appropriate case study applicable to your educational level and complete the requirements. Choose your case study below:

Case Study #1. Lake Forest City Schools. K-12 School Division

You are the Vice President of development at a Lake Forest City Schools (LFCS). The school district is over 75 years old, with a solid academic reputation and a large, supportive alumni base. However, fundraising has never been a high priority at the school district. The school receives about $250,000 per year in tax donations. Your mission is to build a development staff as well as a fundraising plan to support the growth and challenges facing the school over the next five years.



Write a 3–5-page paper in which you:

Create a development plan to address short-term and long-term strategies. Include the following:


  1. Specify how to make immediate improvements to the chosen fundraising program.

What do you intend to use the donations for?


  1. Detail two initiatives you will execute to convince community members and K-12 parents or institutions of higher education alumni to support your fundraising effort and increase their contributions to the school.

Explain technological and non-technological ways to approach alumni and encourage them to contribute or increase their contributions to the school.


  1. Develop a long-term goal to grow the funding.

How will you accomplish this goal?


  1. Identify two private and public funding entities.

Outline the process for obtaining the funding sources in a table.

View Draw a table for help with creating a table in Word.