What were two important areas that contributed to this transformation? In what ways did they impact people living during these time periods?

History of the American Peoples
Paper Topic From the late nineteenth to the twentieth century, the United States experienced profound economic, social, and political changes that transformed the nation into more of the modern state that we recognize today. What were two important areas that contributed to this transformation? In what ways did they impact people living during these time periods? Select one (1) topic from Part 1 and one (1) topic from Part 2 (two topics total) to analyze the ways that the nation changed and how affected people. By placing these two topics together, make an argument about what specific changes occurred, how it impacted people during these time periods, and what resulted from this transformation. The paper can reflect a mix of social, economic, or political changes, or focus on one to two areas to make the argument. The paper should be based primarily on the Hahn and Gerstle books, Nation Without Borders and American Crucible, but should also include one primary document (from America Through the Eyes of its People or one found through research) and one outside secondary source (an article or book on the subject, not online sources such as history.com). Part 1 1. Reconstruction to Redemption of the South 2. The Second Industrial Revolution and conflicts between industrialists and laborers 3. Westward Expansion and Native Americans in the West 4. Anti-monopoly movements and the Populist Party Part 2 1. Imperialism and the Spanish-American War 2. The Progressive Era 3. World War I to the 1920s 4. The Great Depression and New Deal 5. World War II The paper should be four to five pages in length (4 to 5 pages), double-spaced, and use 1.25 inch margins. Footnotes or endnotes should be used to reference pages from the main books, document, and outside source. No works cited paged is needed with footnotes or endnotes. For the course readings, an abbreviated citation is sufficient. For example, Hahn, Nation Without Borders, 75. For the outside source, provide a full citation. Here is an example: David Kennedy, Freedom From Fear: The American People in Depression and War, 1929-1945 (Oxford University Press, 2005), 75. Paper Guidelines A) The following are central questions to help shape your paper in an effective manner: 1) Does the paper provide an introduction with a specific historical context to frame the topic? 2) Does the introduction contain a specific thesis that outlines the key areas of the paper effectively? 3) How quickly does the paper proceed from general framing ideas to a specific argument supported by an analysis based on areas of the reading? a. A more specific analysis should start to occur by page two (2) of the essay. b. How well is evidence from the readings applied to support the argument? 4) Does the paper effectively integrate one primary source (document) and one outside secondary source (academically based)? 5) Does the paper provide a concise conclusion to bring the main argument together? The above criteria are the main parameters used to evaluate and grade papers. Other areas considered in assessing papers include: a) Demonstrated effort in analyzing the main books b) Originality of the argument c) Writing style and complexity d) Integration of outside secondary source and primary document Assignment Points: 25