Punishment and Rehabilitation Response




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In this activity, unlike in other discussions requiring you to respond to two peers, you will be reviewing only one peer\’s writing plan. The topics and viewpoints presented in your peers\’ writing plans do not necessarily reflect the views of SNHU. Because SNHU values academic freedom, a range of topics relevant to the assignment prompt are explored in this class. Please note that you are not assigned to comment on a specific peer\’s work. If you are uncomfortable commenting on a particular topic, please select a different post that you feel comfortable responding to.

Exploring persuasive topics can often mean investigating opinions and ideas that are different from your own. Remember to remain thoughtful and respectful towards your peers and instructor in your discussion post and replies.

Now that you have finished watching a video on the peer review process, let us put what you learned into practice! For this activity, you will use discussion prompts to help review one of your peer\’s submissions of Project One: Writing Plan. Your review will focus specifically on your peer\’s main argument, potential challenges, and integration of evidence. As stated in the video, it is important to be honest and thorough during the peer review process. Your job is to help your peer determine how clear their intended argument is and how well the sources they have found support that argument.

Create one initial post and follow up with ONE response post.

For your initial post, do the following:

  1. Copy and paste your Writing Plan into the discussion forum.
  2. Complete your initial post by Thursday at 11:59 p.m. of your local time zone.

For your response post, do the following:

  • Select one post made by another student to evaluate. Try to find a student who has not had any feedback. Reply to one classmate outside of your own initial post thread.
  • For this module, complete your one response post by Sunday at 11:59 p.m. of your local time zone.

Read through your peer\’s post carefully, and then address the following prompts:

  1. State your peer\’s argument about the persuasive topic.
  2. How can your peer address the challenges that were identified about convincing your peer\’s audience?
  3. Offer one research or writing suggestion to help meet your peer\’s identified goal.
  4. What evidence would convince you as a reader?

Remember, this assignment is graded on the quality of your initial post and your response post to your classmate.

To complete this assignment, review the Module Four Discussion Rubric.


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Punishment and Rehabilitation Response


My peers have delivered their various perspectives on the persuasive topic I proposed in my writing plan. The most standout argument about the topic is the idea that although punishment is not considered to be as beneficial to society as rehabilitation, it is still arguably the most important step in rehabilitation. The peer contends that any reform must begin with a genuine admission of guilt and appropriate reparation for the offense. Therefore, punishment forms such as incarceration and legal fines are integral to the rehabilitation process.

The biggest challenge encountered in trying to convince the audience is the question of whether rehabilitation, like punishment, can ensure adequate justice to the victims. There is a general feeling of closure for victims when they see their assailants punished, but that closure might not occur when the correctional facilities offer rehabilitation in place of punishment. Thus, the peer contends that a balanced blend of punishment and rehabilitation can offer greater satisfaction to the victim.

The second proposed solution to the challenges is taking the concerned parties, especially the victims, through the concept of justice and the purpose of the criminal justice system. The peer argues that most people believe justice equals punishment to the offender. Indeed, Maculan and Gil Gil (2020) aver that the traditional understanding of criminal law is that punishment is the only possible restitution for serious criminal offences. However, as progression occurs within society and its systems, there is a growing realization that more holistic approaches are in fact more effective in crime management.

Perhaps the most compelling evidence I would give is the overall benefit of rehabilitation to society. Recidivism rates are relatively low for rehabilitated offenders (Ondeng, 2018). Thus, rehabilitation is more beneficial than punishment.


Maculan, E., & Gil Gil, A. (2020). The rationale and purposes of criminal law and punishment in transitional contexts. Oxford Journal of Legal Studies40(1), 132-157.

Ondeng, A. M. J. (2018). Effectiveness of offender rehabilitation programmes in addressing the psychological needs of women offenders within the prisons in Kenya. Unpublished thesis Submitted to the School of Humanities and Social Sciences in Partial Fulfilment of the requirement for the award of the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Counseling Psychology) of Kenyatta University.


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