You must describe2

Choose one congenital or developmental heart or cardiovascular defect to present in your report. For your selected disorder write an essay containing no more than 1000 words including the following information: Describe and explain, with reference to normal embryological development, the anatomical location of the disorder and the perturbation of embryogenesis believed responsible for the malformation you have chosen using correct terminology.
You must describe in detail both the normal and abnormal development of the structure with reference to the particular affected tissues / processes. This must be appropriately referenced with peer-reviewed scientific articles, books or other publications and incorporating at least one figure (more can be used and all must be referred to in the main text of the essay).
Discuss the impact of the condition upon normal functioning and if the defect can be corrected surgically. Any treatment modalities discussed e.g. surgery that may be associated with the condition should constitute not more than 10% of the total words available. Your essay must be clearly written, using a scientific writing style, with spelling, punctuation and syntax correctly used. The word limit should be adhered to with a maximum deviation of 10% over or under. Ensure that your text word count is clearly included at the end of the main body of text in your submitted document. You must include a reference list at the end of your assignment with a minimum of 6 relevant references in addition to your subject text book (if used). This list and in-text referencing are not included in the word count.


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