Anti Alcohol-Drug Flyer




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Create your own flyer that portrays the harmful effects of alcohol, tobacco or E-Cig/Vaping
Create your own flyer that portrays the harmful effects of alcohol, tobacco or E-Cig/Vaping
Be sure to following all instructions for creating your flyer.
Flyers are an effective way to deliver information to readers, especially when the message is clear, the text concise, and the layout graphically pleasing. In this project, your assignment is to create a persuasive flyer, which should include a catchy headline, easy-to-read body copy, and an enticing graphic, all conveying the beneficial results of living smoke- and drug-free lives.

Flyers are one-sided, one-page documents that usually communicate a single message. Flyers are used by just about every organization imaginable, from churches and schools to clubs and prom committees. Flyers can be used to announce anything – the birth of a child, a golf tournament, or a meeting, just to name a few. The purpose of a flyer is to grab the attention of the intended audience and communicate a message as quickly as possible.

Strategies and Design Tips to Follow:
1.First, decide on the subject of your flyer. Using the Internet and other resource materials, research your topic gathering facts and statistics about the dangers of using alcohol or smoking. Be sure to keep track of the sources where you obtain the information.
2.Consider using graphics obtained from the Internet to help communicate your message.
3.Use a maximum of three fonts on your flyer
4.Organize the information you obtained so that when used on the flyer, it makes sense to the reader.


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