Art History

10-15 slide power point

Your objec6ve for your presenta6on is to expand the understanding of 20th century art by selec6ng an art object that is contemporaneous with the works and the period of Modernisms Of the Americas

Art object chosen – Jean Carlu, America’s Answer! Produc6on, (1942),

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In order to deliver a successful presenta6on you will need to be able in your presenta6on to explain to the class why you believe i6s important for them to understand the work you selected in the context of the day’s theme ( Modernisms of the Americas )

For your presenta6on, you will for no less than ten and no more than twelve minutes lead applying the knowledge you have gained in researching your art object towards visual analysis of the work ( Jean Carlu, Americas Answer! Produc6on, 1942 ) , and expand upon the object’s social, historical, and material contexts. You should design a lesson that provides ample opportuni6es for open-ended, well-craRed ques6ons and other forms of engagement for your classmates; you shouldn’t simply lecture straight through.

1. What is important for you to understand about this part of the world, this point in 6me, and this work of art, and how will you help them to learn? For example, will you review key concepts, create comparisons to other works we will discuss that day, use the work to introduce the class to a new style or movement, or introduce new ideas and issues that complement the day’s assigned reading?

2. How will you facilitate par6cipa6on amongst your peers? How will you create opportuni6es for class par6cipa6on in your presenta6on? What are some ways that you can include them through visual analysis, open-ended ques6ons, or other means of engagement?