Article Analysis



PART 2 – One page
PART 3 – Two pages

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Open book. Instructions are attached (Instructions – parts 2 & 3.docx). Since the and textbook and lecture notes are too big to upload on here, I uploaded it on Google Drive which should be very useful for this and you’ll need the lecture notes for the “Further thinking” questions.

Lecture notes:


Pick these questions:
• Module 2: “Can you identify at least one example . . .”
• Module 3: “What do these three major world religions . . .”
• Module 6: “What do you think the religions of India . . .”
• Module 8: “What is the most ‘quintessentially Hindu’ . . .”
• Module 9: “What comes to mind when you think . . .”; “Go to the above link and try your hand . . .” [Note: you CAN use the second one IF you report your results AND you briefly reflect on how this may still be a relevant religious ritual in modern times]

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