The final Project (MUST USE SCHOLARY ARTICLE) Academic source

For each artwork, you will:

a. Use the website or wall text to identify the work with the title and artist, the region, the time period created, and the materials used.

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b. Describe the work in your own words and use your understanding of the textbook to explain how the object represents the time and culture to which it belongs. (Do not quote or paraphrase the Art Institute’s text here; I will deduct points. I want your words and ideas here.)

c. Find academic source.Give the full citation for the source you found (you can use either MLA or Chicago style). Underneath the citation explain what insight the source could give into the object. Your source probably will not be about the artwork, and, in fact, your source does not need to reference the object at all. Maybe the source is about the culture and/or time period; maybe your object is a quilt, and your source traces the history of quilts, and maybe you can argue for some other kind of connection between the source and artwork. This section depends on you to argue for the relevance of the source.

d. Remember: for each of four objects, each from a different non-Western culture, you’ll need to find an academic source from an online database. (I prefer Academic Search Complete or JSTOR to ensure you’re finding academic sources.) That’s four objects and four academic sources.

This assignment is less a paper than an annotated bibliography. You don’t really need an introduction, conclusion, or transitions between your objects. You should still strive to develop your ideas in full through college-level writing.

You should follow the instructions closely and answer all of the questions (one page per work) – but I’ll leave it to you.



Good luck!

Four cultures choosen 1. Street Scenes in Times of Peace Yuan dynasty (1279-1368) -%E5%A4%AA%E5%B9%B3%E9%A2%A8%E6%9C%83%E5%9C %96

2. Flowering Cherry and Autumn Maples with poem slips maples-with-poem-slips

3. Figure Screen (Duein Fubara)

4. Ritual Mask