Cardiovascular disease a costly burden for America – projections through 2035


Source: Cardiovascular Disease: A Costly Burden For America Projections Through 2035 . (2017). American Heart Association – CVD Burden Report (pp. 1–14). Washington D.C.
Respond to the following:
1.What can you infer from the latest projections on the prevalence of CVD?
2.What specific determinants of health barriers are certain ethnic groups experiencing, which are contributing to the prevalence of CVD? Why do you believe they have these barriers? Explain what levels of prevention need to be put into place to eliminate the barriers?
3.Describe the differences between direct medical costs vs. indirect medical costs. In what ways are medical costs associated with CVD impacting a person’s dimensions of health?
4.What is the solution to the problem? What needs to be put into place to combat the prevalence of CVD? What role will HP and DP play in 2035 and beyond?


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