College’s Conceptual Framework

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

Adolescence is the transition from childhood to adulthood and may be a tumultuous experience for some students. The biological, psychosocial, and social aspects of adolescent development can be difficult for students and families to navigate, and it can be difficult to navigate among peers, too; adolescents spend a large amount of time with their peers in and out of school. Consider the physical, cognitive, emotional, and social development changes that adolescents experience.

  • What are some ways these changes influence the social structure of intermediate, middle, and high schools?
  • What are some ways these changes influence the academic structure? Explain and provide specific examples to support your answer.

Review the College’s Conceptual Framework.

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  • How does this topic link to the College’s Conceptual Framework and the framework’s philosophical relationship to effective teacher preparation?