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· Who uses LOINC ?

· What, if any, healthcare IT involvement is there in maintaining this code set?

· What did you think about Donna’s answer?


Researchers, labs, providers, insurance companies and certain agencies use LOINC in various ways. The Regenstrief Institute founded and maintains LOINC. IT departments ensure the networks used by LOINC are operable to exchange data between various hospitals/organizations. They also provide feedback and make requests depending on what they need.

Overall, I don’t believe I grasped everything I should know about LOINC from Donna’s answer, but it definitely shows that LOINC promotes interoperability and standardizes terms in an organized manner.



Levy, B. (2014).  5 things you need to know about loinc. QCNet.






According to Donna everybody uses LOINC, which isn’t true but that’s what she said.

“Regenstrief Institute is the owner and overall steward of the LOINC vocabulary standard. Led by  Clem McDonald, MD  Links to an external site. , Regenstrief’s informaticians initiated the LOINC effort in 1994.Regenstrief serves as the standards development organization (SDO) for LOINC. The LOINC team at Regenstrief maintains the LOINC database and supporting documentation, processes submissions and edits to the content, develops and curates accessory content (descriptions, hierarchies, other attributes, etc), develops the RELMA mapping program, and coordinates LOINC releases. In addition, Regenstrief continues to cultivate the LOINC community worldwide.” ( Development –, 2022)

Donna’s answer was very confusing.  She said it wasn’t a lab and then corrected herself by saying it was a lab.  That video didn’t make any sense to me.



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