worldwide standardization of accounting practices

Though there are no signs USA will be fully adopting IFRS any time soon, there has been good progress towards convergence of some important standards. Pick up any one of the several converged standards like revenue recognition or Lease accounting and discuss how the converged standard is different from the original one and how it impacts US companies. Do you think convergence of a few standards is going to achieve the goal of worldwide standardization of accounting practices?

Discussion 4-710

 Choose a role: researcher, consultant, or organizational leader. In this role, discuss how you would study and determine the values and ethical framework of an organization. What steps would you take to determine whether the values and ethics of the organization were consistent with the values and ethics of the top level leaders?

(Do not attempt to address all of these points in your first post. Challenge yourself to develop your understanding and interaction with the course concepts as the discussion progresses.)

Discussion posts should reflect scholarly analysis and interpretation of the topic as well as supporting research. Follow APA formatting guidelines (current edition) to integrate your research and cite your sources. Each post (the initial post as well as the response posts) should be between 300-500 words in length.

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