Discussion 2: Evaluating Technology in Early Childhood Settings


Professionals in many fields are required to incorporate the use of technology on a regular basis. In some learning environments, early childhood professionals are required to incorporate technology as part of children’s learning experience. Technology can be used to engage children or spark their interest. Technology can also help prepare children for the future. With that being said, not all technology provides equitable benefits for children.

For this Discussion, you will explore a variety of technological tools to determine which are appropriate and enhance development and learning.

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To Prepare:

Consider the ways technology is infused into every aspect of daily life. Think about your experience and perspective regarding the following statement: It is no longer a question of whether or not technology should be a part of early childhood settings but instead, which technology tools are appropriate and truly enhance development and learning.

By Day 3 of Week 8

Based on scholarly resources from the last 5 years, share examples of at least two technology tools and how they could be incorporated into early childhood settings in ways that enhance children’s development and learning. Provide rationales for why you selected these tools, the ages for which they are appropriate, and how they may enhance children’s development and learning experiences.