effective leadership from top-management fosters innovation in a company


Upon successful completion of the case study, students will be able to

  • illustrate how effective leadership from top-management fosters innovation in a company;
  • demonstrate the significance of effective project planning in the success of a company; and
  • argue how the implementation of an innovative working environment benefits the company and team members.
Brief Description

This case study focuses on how effective leadership from top management can foster innovation in the workplace.

Read the following case study. Provide a summary of the case and use examples from the case to demonstrate:

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  • how leadership from top management fostered innovation in the company;
  • instances that demonstrated how the adaption of flexible team effort yield optimal gains for the firm; and
  • the significance of effective project planning in the success of a company.
Case Study

Purkayastha, D., & Faheem, H. (2008). Menlo Innovations: A new approach to workplace and project management. IBS Center for Management Research. https://www.thecasecentre.org/students/products/view?id=85815

Submission Instructions
  • Submission should be a maximum of 3 pages double-spaced (excluding title page and reference page) and should follow APA referencing style.
  • All submissions should be done through Turnitin with a similarity level of no greater than 15%.


Unit Case Study 1 will be marked in its entirety out of 100. The following rubric indicates the criteria students are to adhere to, and their relative weights to the assignment overall. Grades and/or feedback will be made available to students no later than one week after submission.

Activity/Competencies Demonstrated% of Final Grade1. Application of Case Analysis Methodology/Content  (60%) a. Identified and clearly/concisely stated the problem, including the decision to be made within the context of the case./10b. Summarized the pertinent facts in the case to describe the background/10c. Demonstrated a thorough analysis supported by evidence from the case. The analysis should be guided by the case questions and should apply course concepts./10d. Identified a viable set of alternatives to solve the stated problem and effectively evaluated the identified alternatives./10e. Recommended the most viable solution./10 f. Defined a clear action plan./102. Format and Writing (40%) a. Included all components of report (title page, all 6 case study analysis methodology steps with headings, references page)/20b. Spelling and grammar/10c. APA formatting (title, headings, references)