Self-Assessments in your nurse practitioner program

Self-assessments give us an opportunity to review what we have learned during our education programs, evaluate our clinical skills, and develop the appropriate goals before finishing the nurse practitioner program. It is vital that we identify areas of strength and develop a plan to maintain them, and also recognize areas of weaknesses and develop a plan to enhance them. By doing the self-assessment, we can enhance the areas that strengthen and start thinking about ways that we can contribute our knowledge, skills, and abilities to improve the nursing discipline.

The purpose of this self-assessment/discussion is to identify at least three of your strengths, why you consider them, and what you plan to do to maintain them. You will also identify three weaknesses and ways that you will address them. Also, identify three clinical skills that PMHNP needs to be proficient in and how you intend to strengthen them before finishing the CDU PMHNP program.  Finally, analyze the history of advanced practice registered nurses (APRN), the developing role of the PMHNP specialty area, and what contributions you plan to make to improve the nursing occupation.

This discussion is a building block to your reflection assignment paper. I suggest starting this assignment on a word document and pasting it into the discussion forum. Cite your references according to APA 7th edition guideline

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