• Identify the professional fit for advanced nursing role.

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements Write a 2 pages discussion creating a scenario or case study that illustrates the type of organization you would expect to work as a Nurse Practitioner. • List the type of organization (cardiology private clinic). • List the type of and how many clients it serves. • Identify the professional fit for advanced nursing role. • Implement your Nurse Practitioner role in this organization. • Identify your State Board of Nursing and referenced Nurse Practice Act which would support your role in this type of organization.


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Are there any aspects of American life that are uniquely “American?” Are there practices, traditions, holidays, foods, music, sports, etc. that cannot be traced to a different country of origin? What does this tell us about the composition of American culture? Provide at least 3 examples and explain why you chose each example.

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Responses must be at least 200 words.

Please make sure to proofread carefully. I will evaluate your grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Unlike your formal written assignments, I do not require that your discussion question responses adhere to specific formatting requirements but you must have citation in at least each initial discussion board post.