Supervision And Management

 (200-300 Words) M7

In this scenario you will be a Clinical Director at a for profit ABA Agency. You recently accepted the job and spent some time observing the clinic. You notice several issues and then talk to staff. Here is what you discover:

Many of the staff hate data collection as it is time consuming and down with paper/pencil.

Staff often feel overworked with their caseloads.

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You speak with the head of the organization and you are given the flexibility to begin changing theses issues. What systems will you put into place to make work more enjoyable and productive? Please reference the text and previous modules for your response.

**Two References**

Germicides In Your Home

Refer to table 9.9: Germicidal Categories According to Chemical Group in your textbook, page 266.

Using the information on the table and what you have learned about Microbes answer the following questions:

  • If you could only choose one chemical agent to use in your home, which would you choose and why?
  • Why would you not choose some of the other choices?