Introduction to Psychology


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Question one

Why Gloria’s son is making poor decisions. 

According to Myers (2017), teenagers such as Gloria’s son exhibit impulsiveness and tend to engage in risky behaviors such as in this case involving sneaking into a party and taking alcohol before a big exam. This is because the brain development during the teen years leads to hormonal surges and the development of the limbic system. Furthermore, when it comes to teenager’s reasoning capability, they have not yet attained that level of cognitive development. Furthermore, Gloria’s son might be experiencing an identity crisis about who he is, and is therefore trying out different versions of himself to understand who he really is as a stage of social development.



Specific strategies Gloria can use to help her son make better decisions

Gloria can strategize on how to introduce his son to a better company of friends which will influence her son to make better decisions. Furthermore, she should strive to improve the relationship with her son since this has been shown to improve an adolescent’s behavior.


Why I think these strategies will be effective  

Gloria can apply the knowledge on teenage behavior to improve her son’s behavior. Peer pressure plays a huge role in a teenager’s life. It has been documented that teenagers are similar to herd cattle in terms of their choices (Myers, 2017). If Gloria’s son hangs around friends who love partying and drinking alcohol, then it is likely that he will do the same. When it comes to building a relationship, a teenager needs to feel understood. Even in cases where a punishment is deemed necessary, it is still important for Gloria to relate well with the son to avoid widening the gap between them.


Question Two

How Reggie’s mindset affect the way that he prepares for the compliance test

Due to Reggie’s fixed mindset that he cannot learn a different way of doing things, he is not ready to accommodate and focus on learning new things. This is the reason why he does not feel motivated to study early enough for the test. If he possessed the opposite which is a growth mindset, then he would be eager to learn the new ways of working.



Using brain plasticity (neuroplasticity) to explain how Reggie can start to develop a growth mindset. What Reggie can do to actually change his brain so that he can adopt a growth mindset approach?

Brain plasticity allows the alteration of the brain throughout an individual’s life and the case of Reggie is no different given that he can change from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset. First, he requires being aware and admitting that he possesses a fixed mindset: That frequent thought that he keeps telling him that he cannot learn a different way of doing things. From there, he has to shut down this thought every time it comes by simply countering it with: yes, I can learn new ways. Finally, he should take the necessary steps like diligently studying for the texts. Gradually from this process, Reggie will develop a growth mindset.


One of the effective strategies is rehearsal. If Reggie studies for the test repetitively, then he is likely to retain the information. Furthermore he can constantly test himself on the material to boost its memory. Also, Reggie should spend a lot of time studying given that the time spent learning is directly proportional to the amount of memory (Myers, 2017). The reason for these being effective techniques is that the brain remembers easily information that it can relate to. If he rereads a material, then he will relate to the previous study and hence retain the memory.

Study strategies that Reggie can use to study for the compliance test. Based on what you have learned about memory in Chapter 4, explain why these would be effective study techniques.  


Question Three

What are the big five personality traits? When thinking about the big five personality traits, on which ones do Gloria and Lakeisha differ the most? 

The big five are the main dimensions that are used to fully describe different personalities. These are agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism, extraversion, and openness. Within these five are the various endpoints that describe the opposing traits. When it comes to conscientiousness, Lakeisha is organized while Gloria is not. While Lakeisha works hard to prepare for the project, Gloria shows a laid-back attitude. Gloria also exhibits a careless attitude as compared to her friend who is careful as witnessed in their work habits.


Give some advice to Gloria. How can she use emotional regulation and cognitive reappraisal to work more effectively with Lakeisha? Give at least two things that Gloria can do and provide a rationale for why these will be effective. 

Emotional regulation requires the managing of one’s impulses. It is clear that Gloria is quite an emotional person. It would be helpful if she could acquire techniques such as calming down. At the same time cognitive reappraisal will assist her in viewing Lakeisha in a whole different way. For instance, Gloria can decide to be taking deep breaths every time she feels frustrated with her workmate. This way she can relax and feel at ease. She could also try talking to Lakeisha about how she feels about their working relationship since her workmate might not be aware. This sharing process will make Gloria feel better and regulate her emotions which will promote their teamwork. When it comes to cognitive reappraisal, Gloria should try viewing Lakeisha in a different way. Like what if she is not micromanaging and instead really wants the project to be a success. Also, what if her workmate has slightly more experience and should therefore take a lead? These are all case scenarios that will ensure that they both work more effectively without the emotional episodes on the side of Gloria.



Myers, D. (2017). Psychology (4th ed.). Asheville, NC: Soomo Learning. Available from hMp://


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