Ldg In Future, Cmplx, & Cnflct

1.3 Discussion. Leadership, Technology, Artificial Intelligence, and Decision-Making


Getting Started

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Leadership, Technology, Artificial Intelligence, and Decision-Making

In this course, we are going to flip the discussion forums. Instead of responding to a discussion question posed to you by the instructor, you will pose the discussion questions to your fellow students. In this way, you get to show your understanding of the concepts while also pushing the conversation forward by asking how we can use this knowledge in new ways. It may feel like a stretch, and if so, that is a good thing! You enrolled in this program (hopefully) to be stretched! As leaders, we cannot just be consumers of knowledge. We must also be able to take that knowledge, question it, determine how to apply it, and push for new answers to new questions.

Upon successful completion of this discussion, you will be able to:

· Formulate questions that promote critical thinking in others related to technology, artificial intelligence, and decision-making.


Background Information

One of the technologies that will continue to influence organizations in the future is artificial intelligence. As a leader, you need to learn when to look to artificial intelligence for help in decision making, and when you can make the decision better on your own. You need to wrestle with the ethical challenges of artificial intelligence. Think back to LDR-305, your Ethics and Decision-Making for Leaders course. Try to use the foundational ethical and decision-making tools you gained in that course as you assess how to make decisions regarding data, artificial intelligence, etc. in this course.



1. Review the rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for earning your grade.

2. Review the information in the Getting Started and Background Information sections.

3. View the following (timing has been estimated):

a. Watch “How Will Artificial Intelligence Change Leadership?” (6 minutes)

b. Read  Artificial Intelligence Will Change How We Think About Leadership (new tab) . (60 minutes)

c. Play the  Moral Machine (new tab)  game and review your results. (10 minutes)

d. Watch “The Importance of Ethical Decision Making in the Age of Technology.” (14 minutes)  

e. Read  Artificial Intelligence and Leadership: A Few Questions (new tab) . (8 minutes)

f. Read  Artificial Intelligence and the Role of Leadership (new tab) . (12 minutes)

4. In your personal discussion thread, post one compelling question connected to one or more of the resources for your topic this week. Post this question by Day 4 of the workshop.