Leading Change Sponsor Assessment



Think about the sponsors and leaders you have had in the past. Think about an engaged sponsor, a manager or leader that you had frequent interactions. For example, being located nearby or on a weekly call or status meeting. Use the form below to assess their behavior. What was one thing that worked well and one thing they could have improved on this assessment?

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Leading Change Sponsor Assessment


__ Provides clear definition goals and outcomes

__ Provides clear rationale why change is required

__ Provides a sense of ownership and commitment to change

__ Provides a clear definition on how change aligns with strategy

__ Provides a metrics that will define a successful change

__ Provides a metrics when the change process is complete or done

__ Provides a set of specific behaviors that will change

__ Demonstrates understanding of impact of change on staff

__ Encourages direct feedback

__ Promotes good problem-solving skills


__ Demonstrates strong motivation to change

__ Prioritized operational activities to reflect importance of change

__ Demonstrates strong personal commitment to change

__ Demonstrates personal investment to change

__ Actively builds support for change

__ Is persistent in achieving change

__ Builds joint accountability in managing change

__ Demonstrates emotional intelligence with staff

__ Demonstrates emotional intelligence with customer

__ Has experience with successful changes in organization


__ Demonstrate commitment of resources to support change

__ Uses rewards and recognition to promote desired behavior

__ Preference to use rewards for success over consequences failure

__ Have clear consequences for failure

__ Demonstrates that reinforcement is dependent on actions and behavior

__ Has a clear means of monitoring progress through objective data

__ Uses rewards that are meaningful to staff

__ Uses intrinsic rewards and recognition to increase motivation

__ Provides a clear, predicable set of positive and negative reinforcement strategies

__ Takes sets to eliminate old behaviors and make them more difficult to perform