Population- Adolescents— Risk Behavior- Pregnancy 



I. Statement of the Problem

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A. Discuss the scope and nature of the risk behavior requiring change. Identify the affected population and community for the proposed program. The specific behavior you intend to change. Briefly explain why you chose to research this behavior and population. And how is it relevant to your future field of community health education.

B. Analyze the social determinants of health- and social justice-related disparities that impact the distribution of this behavior in the community, and discuss disparities specific to the affected population. Incorporate patterns, trends, and demographic information on the behavior and affected populations in the problem statement rationale.

C. Include a description of the environmental, geographic, social, economic, and cultural characteristics of the community, and how this proposed program will improve the health, safety, and quality of life for the affected population in the community.


Submission-  4 pages, APA, at least three sources cited in APA format.

Provide links to two health programs that currently address this risk behavior.