psychiatric diagnosis among homeless people with mental illness

Week 2 Questions to Answer- reminder to cite all answers

** ALL answers require source citation

1.     What is the basic concept of a recovery model?

2.     How is recovery supported by peer groups?

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3.     What is the focus of the Tidal Model of Recovery?

4.     What is the goal of crisis intervention?

5.     Individuals in crisis need to develop more adaptive coping strategies. How does the nurse provide assistance with this process?

6.     What are the expectations of the leader in the initial or orientation phase of group development?

7.     What is the difference between therapeutic groups and group therapy?

8.     Malpractice and negligence are examples of what kind of law?

9.     Name the three major elements of informed consent.

10.  Identify four nursing behaviors that should be avoided when working with an interpreter.

11.  What is the most common psychiatric diagnosis among homeless people with mental illness?