Social acts and gestures affect the way that we act or respond to a given stimulus




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Social acts and gestures affect the way that we act or respond to a given stimulus. Language is an important vocal gesture that facilitates human communications. In what ways can language control and shape our attitudes and behaviors? Please provide an example and connect your example back to the idea of either the social act or gestures.



Many factors influence male and female sexual response and arousal. Describe how the three dimensions of sexuality (biological, psychological, and sociocultural) influence sexual response and arousal.



Based on what you’ve learned and your own experience, how does pretend play contribute to a child’s development?

What qualities and skills do you think are important for academic and vocational success? How many of those qualities and skill are assessed by traditional intelligence tests? What advice would you give to parents and teachers who want to nurture creativity and special talents with children?



Consider what you have learned about collective behavior, social movements, and social change this week. How is the global expansion of social media likely to affect how people pursue social change? How has it done so already? Use specific examples from the media (including a link to information about a recent social movement) as you analyze social movements, social change, technology, and the media.



You are the Commissioner of the National Football League (NFL) and are facing a media onslaught as your most popular athlete has just tested positive for steroids and will be suspended from participation for a specified period of time (i.e., per NFL and NFL Players’ Union labor contract). This player is the face (i.e., image) of the NFL and has a great reputation with the general public in all franchise cities (e.g., New York, Denver, Seattle). Endorsement deals to promote this athlete (as well as the NFL) are constantly being solicited and potential revenue has previously existed from several industries. What is your plan of action towards the media regarding the NFL’s, the athlete’s, and franchise’s images? In addition, how will you discipline the athlete’s recent behavior? Obviously, the public will be evaluating your decisions.



Sally, a fifty year old female, is a female soccer coach at a local community college. Jimmy, a twenty-five year old man, is a candidate for an assistant coaching position.  Based on his qualifications, Sally hired Jimmy.  After six months, Sally and Jimmy developed a romantic relationship while on a road trip.  After months of sexual encounters, Jimmy broke up the relationship because his college-aged girlfriend found out about Jimmy’s relationship with Sally.

After that, Jimmy started discussing his relationship with Sally with a number of his friends at a local college pub and posted some nude photos of Sally on an internet website.  Soon, rumors about the relationship spread across the college.  Then Sally confronted Jimmy about the situation.  Sally threatened to terminate Jimmy’s employment with the school based on his behavior.  In response, Jimmy told Sally that if she terminates him, he will sue her and the school for wrongful termination and sexual harassment.  Jimmy and Sally worked together for another three months, when Sally quit after the season.  A month later, Sally sued the community college and Jimmy for hostile work environment, sexual harassment and constructive discharge.  Assess the merits of Sally’s claims and any defenses that Jimmy and the community college may raise.