Business IT and Information Systems

In 250 words or more, answer the following,

Share the link to the resource on social media initiatives and information technology that was most useful to you. Be sure to explain what was most useful to you in this resource.

Watch the video from the LinkedIn learning list (  and describe the importance of effective change leadership in relation to an organization’s adoption of social media initiatives.

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Identify two ethical issues you may encounter when implementing social media initiatives for your course project.

Propose a strategy for addressing each ethical issue you identified.

  • Be sure to explain how and why the strategies you propose will address the ethical issues you identified.

    Information Systems

    In 250 words or more, answer the following.

    Evaluate the types of Vulnerability assessments, select one that you might use, and explain why it is important.

    Of the top nine areas to research when conducting an assessment, select no less than three and explain how one should approach the research and why it should be approached that way.

    Network Security

    Regardless of the type and size of an organisation, most organisations need a firewall that can improve security and connectivity, stop sophisticated cyberthreats and meet performance demands. Selecting the right firewall is thus extremely important. Research commercial firewall products using online brochures, industry white papers, manufacturers’ websites, industry reports, reputed technology blogs, magazines and other relevant sources. Select and recommend top five firewall products for each of the following: large, medium and small enterprises. Write a report presenting your recommendations. Your report should include the following:

    – Executive summary

    – Introduction

    – Criteria for selecting firewalls, including justification

    – Detailed comparison of firewall products based on the chosen criteria

    – Future trends in enterprise firewalls

    – Conclusion and recommendations

    1. Write minimum 2000 words for this report. Although there is no rigid maximum word limit, around 2500 words maximum will be appropriate.
    2. You should provide credible references according to the Faculty guidelines. At least ten (10) high quality references are expected (At least 10, excluding your textbook, readings or other resources available in the study modules).