SWK-204- Social Work Research


Lesson 12 Discussion-1

How would you build a positive relationship with your research participants?  Do you feel these relationships would make a difference in your outcomes? (300 Words)

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Lesson 12 Discussion-2

What social work issues could be studied using a qualitative research design? Why would this research method work best to study these topics? (300 Words)




Lesson 12 Assignment

Pick a social work topic and develop seven qualitative interview questions to gather more information from your participants in a study.  Attach interview questions and explain why you picked these questions and what information you wanted to gather . (1 Page).


Lesson 13 Discussion

Would your behaviors change if you were being observed?  Give some examples of activities and any experiences you have had with others observing you. (300 Words)


Lesson 13 Assignment

Write at least one to two-page paper using APA format, cite references and submit a reference page.

Observe someone doing an activity without telling them you are observing them.  Write down your findings. Then observe them again doing the same activity after informing them that you are watching them. Write down your findings.  Then compare the data from both observations.  Identify and define how their behaviors changed in each observation.  Address whether the knowledge of being observed made a difference in their behaviors and how they changed.  Submit your findings from both observations with your assignment. . (2 Page).