Implementation Plan Of Disaster Management In Jakarta.

Assessment 3 – Implementation Plan



In the form of a PowerPoint presentation , you are required to present a detailed implementation plan from your identified strategy/ies in Assessment 2. You will be presenting to the council members of your chosen community and your identified stakeholders.

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• Requirements:

– Present your detailed implementation plan from your identified strategy/ies in assessment 2 to the community leader/s and the stakeholders.

– You have been allocated 8 minutes (+/- 10%) to deliver a presentation outlining at a minimum:

A detailed implementation plan for your identified disaster risk reduction strategy/ies and rationale for your implementation choices. Ensure your implementation plan recommendations are based on critical thought, analysis and appropriate research to support the implementation plan. Ensure organisational and community capacity clearly considered in the development of the plan.


You are required to present the assessment using PowerPoint with your embedded audio recording.





Criterion 1: Implementation Plan (15 marks)

Description of criterion:

• Quality of summary of the community

• Knowledge of the hazards to the community and vulnerability of the community/specific demographic groups

• Discussion of community resilience via stakeholder relationships or cooperations, including any barriers to this cooperation or additional resources that would be required

• Detailed implementation plan with recommendations based on critical thought and analysis, with depth and range of research to support the implementation plan, creativity and innovation in the development of the plan

• Organisational capacity is clearly considered in the development of the plan.



Criterion 2 :


Application of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction at a community level in relation to the implementation plan and recommendations (5 marks)

Description of criterion:

• Refer and link to the Sendai Framework with the implementation plan and recommendations.


Criterion 3 :

Structure and referencing (10 marks)

Description of criterion: Technical issues in presentation, progression of ideas, and use of references.

APA style refrencing.