SWK-204- Social Work Research


Lesson 10 Discussion

Do you think social workers can gain valuable information from research conducted in a lab? Why or why not? (In 300 Words)

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Lesson 10 Assignment

Decide on a classical experimental design you would be interested in conducting.  Develop an outline of the steps you would take if you were to conduct this experiment.  Use an outline format and cite any resources used.  Use APA formatting.



Lesson 11 Discussion

How could we study our class research topic How to Improve Coping Skills in Parents using an experimental research design? Do you think we could gain valuable findings from this type of research in the social sciences field? (In 300 Words)


Lesson 11 Assignment

Write at least one to two-page paper using APA format, cite references and submit a reference page.

Find an experimental research article.  Read the article and attach it to the assignment.  Describe each of the steps conducted in the research and summarize the results.